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Make Your Trade Show Tabletop Display Pop With Easel Back Sign Holders

Make Your Trade Show Tabletop Display Pop With Easel Back Sign Holders

Hundreds of booths compete for attendee attention at trade shows. That's why you need to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Hutchco easel back sign holders and other trade show tabletop displays can set your booth apart from the rest.

Designing Tabletop Sign Holders for a Split-Second Impression

Once a visitor comes to your booth, your tabletop sign holders can help build a good impression and focus attention on your products. According to Princeton psychologists, the human mind judges an image in about one-tenth of a second. You should take advantage of that fraction of a second by designing attractive signs.

A well-designed sign contains a simple yet bold image and little text. Although you might add a bullet list of product features, keep it very short and simple, covering no more than three points per sign.

Using Trade Show Tabletop Displays with Your Products

Place your products on the table in front of you to turn them into conversation pieces. Put each in front of a Hutchco easel back sign holder, using the signs as backdrops for the products and to get your products in front of show attendees.

To help customers learn about your products, include a small photo on the tabletop display for each product. They’ll associate the text with its image, and it will help them match it to the physical product if you have a sample in your booth. Hutchco’s slanted sign holders make it easy for them to see your print material together with your products.

Choose the Best Displays for the Event

Before you print signs and order your plastic displays, it’s always a good idea to check with the event organizer to find out what types of displays vendors generally use. If exhibitors use large modular tabletop displays, you can keep your costs down and still compete by using several of Hutchco’s 11x14-inch easel back displays. Whether on a table or posted on a vertical display surface, you can vary size and types of displays in your exhibition, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

Make sure that you choose a display design that best fits your medium. For example, for tabletop signs and posters, the easel back display is perfect. Hutchco tabletop displays come in a range of sizes—from 4x5 through 18x24 inches—allowing you to use different print sizes.

Trifolds and other types of handouts work best in an easel back sign holder combination with peel and stick pockets. Hutchco makes several point-of-purchase (POP) displays just for this type of marketing collateral. It makes recyclable cardboard wings to attach to slanted sign holders, allowing you to place brochure pockets on one side of your print material.

At some events, exhibit organizers provide little table space. Postcard-sized tabletop sign holders can help you highlight small products, such as jewelry, plastic models, or manual precision tools.

The Hutchco Advantage

Hutchco plastic trade show tabletop displays have an edge over other signs that you’ll see at the trade show for several reasons. First of all, they cost very little, so you can use as many as you like in your booth. In addition, as soon as you receive your Hutcho tabletop display parcel, you will note how lightweight and compact they are, as opposed to a shipment of bulky, fragile, and expensive acrylic displays. That saves you a bundle on shipping. All of our cardboard/vinyl plastic tabletop displays fold flat for easy packing. You can easily slide them into your tradeshow travel kit.

For even easier transportation, think about having Hutchco send your displays directly to the trade show office or hotel room. This way you won’t have additional luggage fees at the airport, and you won't have to spend any time waiting for them at baggage pick-up.

Contact our team today to learn more about our affordable, eco-friendly, shatterproof, and light-weight Hutchco trade show tabletop displays. Order the size and quantity you need and watch your trade show tabletop display pop.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sara J. Marchese

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Sara J. Marchese

For this edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we talked with Hutchco customer, Sara J. Marchese. An agent with New York Life Insurance Company’s Sunrise, Florida office, she told us about her team’s efforts to provide customers with the best products for their needs. She also described some of her office’s community outreach efforts. Everything she shared led us to understand that she loves her work and is proud of her workplace.

Sarah Marchese Uses Hutchco Peel and Stick Pockets

We met Sara because she purchased Hutchco peel and stick pockets. She said that she was looking for an attractive, professional-looking alternative to traditional tear-off advertising flyers.

She attaches the peel and stick pockets to her posters and puts her business cards in the pockets. She hangs the poster and pocket combinations in local community spots, such as shopping centers, libraries, and coffee shops with community boards.

Agent Sara Marchese: Her Work Means Much More Than a Sale

As Sara described her work with New York Life Insurance, her pride and enthusiasm rang with every word. She said that her group specializes in worksite whole life products for employees. They “provide portable employee benefits and enhancements to their existing policies, so they can take them as they move to other companies, protecting them for their whole lives, if they wish.”

It was absolutely astounding to hear how she and her co-workers endeavor to understand each client and find the best-fitting policy for each of them. “Our goal,” she said, “is to help cover as many south Florida employees as possible with permanent insurance so that their family can be protected long-term.”

She said so many beautiful things about her work and co-workers that it almost seemed unnecessary to ask her, “What’s special about your workplace?” I’m glad that I went ahead and asked anyway; here’s what she said: “The reason I do my work is not because of the paycheck but because of what I'm doing for families. My family is also a beneficiary of what we do at New York Life. I came into the business because of how New York Life protected us when a family member passed away. I want other families to have that protection, too.”

New York Life Insurance Outreach

Sara mentioned that her group works with the Coalition for Grieving Students. Just prior to talking with her, the Parkland School shooting incident occurred, and she and her colleagues went full force to provide help to students suffering grief.

In addition, her team participates in a Child ID Event which entails the participation of  parents with their children. The youngsters get fingerprinted and receive an ID card that parents can provide police in the event of an emergency involving the child. They work with Tomorrow's Rainbow as well. This organization serves grieving children in the area.

Talking to Sara was inspiring because she is so dedicated to helping others. It’s wonderful how her team works together to protect and support the local community. Her conversation put life insurance in a new light, and we’re proud to have dedicated, caring customers like her using Hutchco peel and stick pockets to support their work efforts. Thank you, Sara, for sharing with us!

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Hutcho Plastic Displays Help You Focus and Save Money

Hutcho Plastic Displays Help You Focus and Save Money

You know that your trade show promotional booth has been a success when you go to get a cup of coffee and see your “take one” brochures in the hands of attendees. The right countertop brochure holders for your booth makes the difference. How do you select the best brochure display systems for a successful trade show marketing campaign?

Plastic countertop brochure holders help you get your promotional materials into visitors’ hands while you tend to visitors with questions. Hutchco brochure display systems cost very little and represent a one-time investment. They stay where you put them: on a table behind you, to the sides, or between you and the passing attendees.

Although you’ll find many kinds of point of purchase (POP) displays, focusing on combination sign and brochure holders simplifies your search without limiting your options.

Hutchco Combination Sign & Brochure Holders

Combination sign and brochure holders include two or three components each, depending upon the model you choose:

    1. Easel-back Sign. Each Hutchco sign holder comes with with an attached easel-back, rigid cardboard support and a slant-back design that keeps them stable on flat tabletops (see figure below). When you sandwich your reprint, sell sheet or paper-print sign between the sturdy white cardboard backing and the crystal-clear plastic cover screen, viewers have a good view of your paper document. These sign holders ship flat, thanks to the foldable cardboard support, and weigh much less than acrylic holders. Easier on the environment and your shipping budget.

    2. Peel and Stick Brochure Pocket. Secondly, each combination comes with a peel and stick pocket that you can either apply directly to the easel-back sign holder or to the third main component of the combination sign and brochure holder to create an additional cardboard side-wing.

If you choose an inboard design, your display will look like the example on the left. It works great with a reprint composition that has space for in-board pocket placement.

    1. Outboard Wing. Finally, if you want to show off the whole sign, you’ll need to select an outboard model for your combination sign and brochure holder, as shown above, on the right. The cardboard wing allows you to fix the brochure pocket outside the sign display area, and Hutchco will, at your request, custom size outboard wings to fit customer needs. We cary seven sizes of peel and stick pockets, varying from business card size to 8.5” wide pockets for larger pamphlets.

Countertop Brochure Holders Come in Two Sizes

By having both the sign and pamphlet in the display, the combination sign and brochure holders makes for one of the showiest countertop brochure holders to showcase your print materials. Hutchco sign holders come in both 8 ½ x 11-inch and 11 x 14-inch sizes to fit the two most-common paper sizes.

Eco-Friendly, Practical Combination Sign and Brochure Holders

When you select countertop brochure holders for their functionality, don’t forget that you can also make environmentally-friendly choices when you purchase displays. Hutchco combination sign and brochure holders are reusable and they hold up to the wear and tear of travel and accidents. That makes them naturally eco-friendly, but they also have 100% recycled paperboard backing and wings. And, they are made from recyclable plastics, rather than environmentally expensive acrylic. Make sure that your signs have a future beyond their life as a display piece.

You put a lot of time and effort into your brochures and reprints or paper signs. After spending time and money designing a brochure, you want to make sure that it looks spectacular on your display table.

Simplify the selection process by choosing Hutchco brochure display systems. By modifying how you use their two or three components and different sizes, you can show off your print materials in a variety of ways. Plastic countertop brochure holders and your reprints make the perfect combination for eye-catching displays to get your brochures into the hands of trade show attendees.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, CEO Ellen Voie of Women in Trucking

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, CEO Ellen Voie of Women in Trucking

Ellen Voie founded the Women In Trucking Association. As the president and CEO of this non-profit organization, she told us not only how she uses Hutchco plastic countertop signs for her display booth marketing, but also about how her group originated, its mission, and a little bit about women in trucking in general.

A field long dominated by men, truck driving today finds only about 7% of the drivers’ seats filled by woman truck drivers, she reported. Ellen’s non-profit supports a three-fold mission to:

Encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry

  1. Address any obstacles that might keep women from either entering the industry or succeeding
  2. Celebrate the success of pioneers: women who have been in the industry

Ellen started the organization more than a decade ago when she was working for the trucking company, Schneider National, as the manager of recruiting and retention programs. It was her job to develop a protocol to attract and retain nontraditional groups, and women were among the underemployed groups in the industry.

Her research showed that the trucking industry had few data tracking women at the time. Coincidentally, while working on her pilot’s license, she observed a group for women in that industry and decided that the trucking industry needed a group too. That’s how Women in Trucking began.

“We're empowering women,” she says. “We're helping women find great jobs in a unique way, whether they're driving, in safety, working as a technician, or whatever. We're empowering them. We're helping them find a career in a great industry where they can make decent money.”

Although most of the members of the association live and work in North America, they have members all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and Sweden. They have a single member in Uganda, and Women in Trucking recently issued a scholarship to her.

Ellen and her team work in diverse areas that affect women in trucking. For example, they have collaborated with truck cab manufacturers on cab design and ergonomics. “In the past,” she commented, “trucks were designed for men, not for women, who typically have shorter arms and legs. That made it tough for women to reach the pedals and see over the dash. Cab makers are listening. Now they’re working to make more comfortable cab designs for women.”

Her association has also worked with the truck stops to protect women by improving safety, security, and amenities. For example, truck stop stores in the past carried deodorants scented for men and gloves that did not fit women.

They promote improved lighting and security at truck stops, as well. To protect women in the workplace, the group also provides its members with access to its “Anti-Harassment Employment Guide and Recruiting Guide.” The association’s also helps recruiters tailor their efforts to help find more female employees for their workplace.

Ellen’s Display Booth Marketing with Plastic Countertop Signs

Ellen says that she uses Hutchco plastic countertop signs to market her association. “When we go to a trade show like the Mid America Trucking Show, we put a sign at each of our members’ booths. The signs say, ‘Proud Member of Women in Trucking.’ At this show, there are about 80 members present and people come up to me and say, ‘I see your signs all over the place!’ So it’s a great marketing tool.”

Ellen provided us with interesting insight into Women in Trucking, and, of course, we enjoyed hearing that our plastic countertop signs work so well for her display booth marketing efforts. Thanks, Ellen, for sharing with us, and we wish you and your women trucking associates the best of luck in continuing your mission.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer and Child and Teen Advocate, Taume Kohl

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer and Child and Teen Advocate, Taume Kohl

Hutchco customer Taume Kohl absolutely convinced us that she has a unique workplace at the Association for the Prevention of Family Violence (APFV) in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The association provides support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and human trafficking, and their families. APFV advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and provides community education about these issues.

Taume is a professional social worker and child and teen advocate. Her team promotes their services during three specific months each year. In April, they focus on sexual assault awareness. During October, they promote awareness of domestic violence, and February marks dating violence awareness month.

She spread the word about dating violence awareness this year by reaching out to local schools and asking if she could post signs about healthy relationships. Taume affixed Hutchco peel-and-stick business card holders to the posters, “so if someone is not sure if their relationship is healthy or needs help because their relationship is unhealthy or unsafe, they can grab my business card and contact us.”

To make sure that the posters always stay stocked with business cards, she places a note behind the cardholder. It says, “When empty please call me for more,” and she delivers them.

The association takes advantage of other opportunities, such as the Walworth County Fair, to provide community members with information about their supportive services. She commented that many people in the region do not really understand what a healthy relationship is. By attending public events, their association helps spread the word and gets in front of people who need their services.

The organization’s three full-time and two part-time staff serve over 800 people a year. “We are always busy," says Taume. “But we never turn people away.”

Taume is passionate about her work. She loves that she and the others at APFV contribute to improved quality of life among her community members. Many of these community members do not have the resources to get the kind of support that her organization provides.

“What makes us unique is that the people who come to our agency want our services. We receive clients who have a need in their life. They may be unhappy or unsafe, and they need help.” That’s unique among the counseling and support agencies in the county, which tend to provide mostly court-ordered services. APFV serves a 100% voluntary community.

We’re thankful to know that we have customers such as Taume Kohl. We are proud to know that our peel-and-stick pockets help her team promote the prevention of family violence. We’re also honored that important community members like Taume come to us for help reaching those in need.

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Using Tabletop Displays Throughout Your Place of Business

Using Tabletop Displays Throughout Your Place of Business

Once you start using tabletop displays, you’ll find dozens of ways to scatter them throughout your place of business. You can add them to countertops, tabletops, and check-outs to provide your customers with quick and easy information to take in at their leisure, right where they’re already looking.

Here are a few ways to get you started.

Add POP Displays to Your Product Display Areas

Point of purchase (POP) displays are awesome for moving your merchandise or services, as the name implies, right where your customers buy them.

  • Stack packages on a pallet to one side of a traffic flow intersection, and place a tabletop display near the stack to “invite” customers to help you unload them at a special low price.

  • Put an easel-back display near a stove, snow-blower, file cabinet, or kayak, with the great price prominently displayed on the flyer, with a big “Wow!” next to the price.

  • Place a discount sign next to a piles of folded, colorful spring t-shirts that you advertised as sale items.

  • Stand a dessert menu in a tabletop display next to a dessert display containing your most scrumptious-looking dessert.

  • Add a brochure holder display full of recipes for a food sample item next to the sample tray.

  • Place baskets of multivitamins for different age groups together on a table. Add a sign frame to each basket identifying the age group for that product.

Retail Countertops for Tabletop Displays

If you have merchandise such as jewelry, cell phones, cosmetics, or office supplies in a retail countertop, you have an awesome place to place tabletop displays.

  • Use them to highlight your high-margin items, so that customers can learn about them as they browse the counter.

  • Add a POP display near the mat where you place engagement rings to remind your customers about your credit or financing options.

  • Place informational tables comparing your cell phone models in a tabletop display on your retail counter.

  • Add a peel and stick display pocket to the front of a candy counter, and add a coupon for a free gummy bear sample for every child who accompanies a parent at purchase time.

Speed Up Your Sign-up Table

If your business has a sign-up table, a tabletop display can save you time by educating customers while you prepare their contracts, merchandise, or credit application.

  • Use a tabletop sign to explain that their sign-up form requests their telephone number for medical emergencies only and that they will not receive sales calls as long as they do not opt in for promotional items.

  • A sign on your credit sign-up table can explain the details of your customer credit program: APR, terms, conditions, and approval time.

  • Prepare an easel back sign holder with a bullet list of frequent buyer benefits, and add on a peel and stick pocket full of temporary frequent buyer cards that customers can fill out and trade in for a permanent card.

Tabletop Displays in Restaurants

Tabletop displays are awesome in restaurants because customers spend time sitting or standing right in front of them.

  • Put them on your large group tables. Customers love passing them around and trying to figure out which appetizer or drink special would be best to share.

  • Place a tabletop display in front of every other seat along a large table to show off your top-performing dishes and drinks.

  • On tables of any size, use the POP displays to highlight breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials.

  • Likewise, displays promoting upsells such as desserts or specialty drinks work on any size table.

  • When guests show up to a table, have your host or hostess point out the drink menu so that customers have their orders ready when the waitperson arrives.

  • A single display on any table can highlight daily or weekly specials.

  • If you have small tables where you seat couples, try placing a special menu, with “two for the price of one” meals especially for dates or close friends who’d like to share appetizer sampler plates.

Portable Displays in Other Seating Areas

If your business has an area where customers wait for orders or to talk with a representative, tabletop displays give them something to think about while they wait. Place a small table in your waiting room, reception, or other areas where customers sit, and use it for tabletop signs that customers can take the time to read:

  • Add a tabletop display to the table to provide links to your social media pages and online B2B store.

  • If you have techy customers, add a custom QR code to a display on an end table near seating so that they can pick it up and “like” your business page on Facebook.

  • Show your customers that you care by placing a tabletop sign on an end table near seating and educate viewers about your business’ mission.

  • If your customers wait in the lobby while you retrieve their custom embroidered uniforms, place a tabletop sign where they can see your return policy.

POP Displays at the Checkout

Checkouts provide excellent opportunities for last-minute additions to the shopping cart or reminders to customers who will shortly move on to other things. Take advantage of this audience to get a message into their heads as they head out to the car.

  • Add your take-out menu to a tabletop sign holder and stick a handful in the brochure pocket so that your customers leave with one in hand.

  • Place your business card in a peel and stick pocket on the cash register.

  • Promote items that customers tend to forget, such as bags of ice, at check-out time.

  • Add a copy of your extended warranty benefits to a tabletop display at your register that your cashiers can show customers as they explain it.

Tabletop Displays on the Road

If your business cycle involves setting up a table on the road, make sure that you have plenty of tabletop signs for your expo or service table

  • Easel back sign and brochure pocket combos make it easy to get foldable handouts comparing your service packages to your table visitors.

  • Buy plenty of extra displays. They’re inexpensive and you can give a handful to each of your distributors to promote your products on their retail floors.

  • Remember to use tabletop signs to show off your own logo so that visitors to your display associate it with your product or service.

  • Use easel sign holder with inspirational sayings, right at eye level as customers round the corner near your expo space. Use them to get them looking in your direction instead of toward the opposite side of the aisle.

Tabletop Displays Are Not Just for Customers

Don’t limit your use of tabletop displays to just displays for customers, your staff will read them too. Think about some of these options for areas where your staff tend to gather:

  • Add them to the back-side of your customer service counter to reinforce your customer courtesy policy guidelines.

  • Leave clean-up reminders where employees tend to leave dirty dishes.

  • A tabletop display on the vanity in your employee washroom can remind staff members to wash their hands before returning to the sales floor.

Tabletop displays and other Hutchco POP displays can direct, instruct, entertain, promote, and guide your customers throughout your retail or B2B business. Place them anywhere customers tend to rest their eyes, and use them to guide the customer line of sight in your workplace.

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Why Sign Holders from Hutchco Just Make More Sense

Why Sign Holders from Hutchco Just Make More Sense

If your business uses display stands, you will want to know why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense. These American-made countertop stands and Hutchco business card holders get your print materials in front of your customers.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders and point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide you with a high-quality, economical, highly visible, convenient, durable, and recyclable option for trade shows and retail POP marketing events. Let’s take a look at why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense, in terms of the four Vs: visibility, value, variety, and versatility.


Your print materials may be your customer’s first impression of your business, so you want to ensure that it makes a good impression. That’s why you want quality, high-visibility displays for your pamphlets, business cards, brochures, flyers, and other print materials.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders, for example, display your promotional materials in a perfectly clear vinyl plastic cover that slides on and off the easel, easily. Their low-glare plastic sleeves show off 100% of your paper print display surface.

The white cardboard easels, made of thick, 70-point board, sustain even thin prints firmly, by static alone, without messy adhesive or sticky tape, holding your print in smoothly. For prints that do not fill the frame, the flimsier 50-point brown-craft-paper backgrounds used by some manufacturers neither aesthetically compliment your image nor keep your print flat. On the other hand, the white Hutchco background brings out print colors and makes a clean, attractive background.

Finally, the Hutchco table-top slant-back design holds your flyers at the perfect angle for viewing. Lightweight and space-efficient, you’ll find them easy to organize into attractive multi-sized print displays for show events, posters, and retail signage.


High quality, low-priced display stands from Hutchco give you value within your budget. If you have used acrylic displays, you know that a dozen or so can quickly drain your promotional account.

Consider instead Hutchco easel back sign holders. They cost 50% less than comparable acrylic sign displays. The lower cost of these unbreakable, insert-style counter cards can bring down overall costs so much that some retailers even give them away so that their customers can distribute their promotional materials across more countertops and display surfaces.

Because our displays will not break, you can reuse them as many times as you like. In addition, we make them from recyclable materials. Even when you finish with them, recyclers can reclaim the material. That’s value for our planet.

Another reason why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense is because you can save money when packing and shipping them. They break down flat, for easier, more compact storage and postage. Acrylic displays, with the display area supported by a bent piece of acrylic, are bulky and heavy to ship.


Does your business use a wide variety of print sizes for its marketing materials? Hutchco’s plastic covered easel sign holders come in 30 different size and orientation combinations. You’ll find them from 4 x 5-inches through poster-sized 24 x 18-inch displays.

With all of those combinations, you will find plastic displays for all of your print materials! If you do not see the size you are looking for just ask! We make all products in-house and will be glad to produce a quote for making your custom size.  

Hutchco peel and stick pockets for literature displays come in seven sizes, holding documents as small as business cards up through 8.5 x 7-inch brochures, to cover most paper display needs. Custom plastic displays come in many shapes and sizes. For example, Hutchco cardboard brochure holders, come in two sizes, 8.5 x 11- and 11 x 14-inch, with either inboard or outboard pockets.


With all the sizes and orientations that Hutchco offers in each of its three display types, you will find hundreds of versatile alternatives for using them. For example, the Hutchco peel and stick pockets’ are lightweight, easy to use, and easy to ship. You can stick a handful of spec sheets or flyers onto a cash register, file cabinet, glass door, or even to a product surface.

Hutchco cardboard brochure holders and easel back sign holder frames will fit on nearly any flat, horizontal surface. Some of the bigger displays even have large enough viewing surfaces to make effective floor-level displays.


Our American-made countertop stands give you the four Vs: visibility, value, variety, and versatility. That’s why sign holders from Hutchco just make more sense.


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15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Ernesto Contenti, President of Pillowsonic

15 Minutes of Fame: Hutchco Customer, Ernesto Contenti, President of Pillowsonic

Ernesto Contenti, the President of Pillowsonic U.S., LLC, spent a lot of time thinking about his digital pillow speakers before they became a reality in the year 2000. “Statistically, a lot of people have problems going to sleep at night,” he explains. “When you go to bed, you think that is the end of your problems. But then you find that you are too stressed to fall asleep. That is the reason why I came up with this product.”

A Practical Audio Experience in a Pillow

Contenti designed his Pillowsonic device as an audio accessory for your pillow. It connects to any sound source with a 3.5-mm audio jack, like the one on most digital players, smart phones, televisions, and radios. You place it under your pillow, and it plays your audio content clearlyatintimate, safe-volume levels, as the sound emerges from under your pillow. It allows users to listen to podcasts, the radio, or music without the discomfort and isolation of headsets or earbuds.

“It's very simple. It's not rocket science,” says Contenti, “but it’s something that covers a need. It can improve the well-being of people in a non-invasive way. You don't need a prescription for these. You don't need to inject anything. You don't need to take any pills. It’s basically a nice product, and it helps people.”

A Product to Be Proud Of

When talking with Ernesto Contenti one hears the excitement in his voice. He enthuses, “It's very, very satisfying to see that something we put out there helps people. That, essentially, has been my biggest motivator behind my dream about the product. I'm doing something that I'm proud of."

He seems especially pleased that his product is not only practical, but it actually has very good sound quality. He explains, “This is open sound, but it’s very, very subdued. It’s enough to be very enjoyable to listen to, appreciate its binaural effects, the stereo 3-D sound. If you have had any experience with 3D sound, it's the most realistic sound you can hear. You think that you're right there; you're seeing what you're hearing. It's amazing.”

How Ernesto Contenti Promotes Pillowsonic

The Pillowsonic website has all the information that customers need to learn about and buy his devices. We were fortunate to meet Ernesto because he happened to purchase some Hutchco brochure holder combos. He told us about how he uses them to market his Pillowsonic devices: “I purchased some Hutchco table displays not too long ago, and I started putting my rack cards in the offices of physicians, chiropractors, and others in the healthcare field. We're also putting them in pain clinics, dentists’ offices, and geriatric care centers, where families come to visit relatives and gather. We have already had people replying!”

It was really fun talking with Ernesto about Pillowsonic and hearing the story of how his product grew from an idea into the pillow speaker that he proudly sells today. It’s exciting to hear that kind of enthusiasm, and even more so when he tells us how our own Hutchco tabletop displays have helped him move into a new marketing plan that gave him results soon after it began. We want to thank our Hutchco customer, Ernesto Contenti, the President and founder of Pillowsonic, for sharing his company’s story with us.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

15 Minutes of Fame: Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

At Hutchco, we appreciate our customers. They all have such interesting stories to tell. We decided to ask some recent Hutchco customers to tell us what they consider special about their business or organization. Allison Wood, of Richter Healthcare Consultants, was the first in line. Richter’s clients, long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers, include home care and hospice, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, and other health care facilities.

Allison Wood of Richter Healthcare Consultants

You know that a business has something special about it when an employee quickly steps forward to tell others about what she admires about her place of work. Richter Healthcare Consultants(RHC), according to Allison Wood, is one of those places worth talking about.

Richter, a full service accounting firm, offers clinical financial consulting to LTPAC providers nationwide. As the company’s Marketing Coordinator, Allison told us why she appreciates the team at RHC.

Much More Than Consulting

Consulting, Allison explained, is only part of Richter Healthcare Consultants’ overall strategy. “I think what really sets us apart is how much we really care about the client. While we do offer consulting, our main goal is to allow providers to give the best care possible to their residents, and we make that easier.”

The goal, says Allison, “is to work with the facilities as a team. Our job is to help them get where they would like to be and go on that journey with them.” They do that by making sure that everyone is up-to-date with the recent regulations in an industry where things change constantly.

Providing Information in a Dynamic Industry

RHC staff teach the company’s clients the basics about their electronic health record software. The company offers clinical, financial, and Medicaid consulting. In addition, it offers Revenue Cycle Management services.

Information changes quickly in the healthcare industry, and that’s a challenge for the employees of LTPAC providers. RHC helps them with the operational, clinical, financial, and regulatory issues, as well as assisting them with the technological, legal, and regulatory changes that affect healthcare providers. Allison said that “no matter what, we want to make sure that they're fully informed.”

Along with the caring nature of her co-workers, Allison commented that she was impressed by how much the long-term care facilities employees have to know. She reflected, “I respect them a lot for that.”

As she works among the consultants at Richter, Allison learns about their work. She listenings to them work with clients and witnesses, first hand, how much the consultants care for their customers.

“One of our senior consultants,” she related, “will be talking to a client and I'll hear her say, ‘Hey, take a step back! Take a deep breath!’ She's really good at talking to people and giving them a second to collect their thoughts before going on to teach them what she had originally set out to.”


We would like to thank our Hutchco customer, Allison Wood, the Marketing Coordinator with Richter Healthcare Consultants, for being the first in line to tell her story. She purchased our easel back sign holders and uses them for outreach. She also commented that they’re great around the workplace for displaying inspiring phrases and sayings.

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Countertop Display Stands - What are You Really Paying For?

Countertop Display Stands - What are You Really Paying For?

If you use acrylic countertop display stands, what motivates you to buy them? Are you looking for something that is:

  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Completely transparent
  • Strong, durable, and long-lived
  • Easy to use and reuse
  • Suitable for all situations, because it protects your materials and comes in a variety of orientations and sizes

Alternatives to acrylic display stands can provide you with all of these benefits and more. Once you compare more affordable vinyl and cardboard countertop display stands to alternatives such as acrylic display stands, we think that you will agree: When you paid for acrylic, you paid too much. See what alternatives to acrylic display stands have to offer.

Additional Benefits of Alternatives to Acrylic Display Stands

Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands have the qualities that attracted you to acrylic countertop display stands. Here’s how they compare.

Hutchco Countertop Sign Holders and Display Stands Cost Less

Compare the price of the acrylic countertop display stands that you have used with vinyl countertop sign holders and display stands. Why do vinyl countertop sign holders and display stands cost so much less than traditional acrylic options, yet offer the same benefits? Our products, made of vinyl and cardboard, ship flat, making for a compact, lightweight package when shipping. You know the parcel service rules: small, light packages cost much less than bulky, heavy packages.

Acrylic countertop display stands, on the other hand, are rigid and do not fold to form neat, ship-flat stacks. That’s bulk.

In addition, acrylic items, being about 30% more dense and much thicker than either cardboard or vinyl, weigh more than vinyl and cardboard equivalents. Compare your shopping carts, and you will see that alternatives to acrylic display stands cost less and ship for less. You save twice.

Unbreakable and Chip-Proof Countertop Sign Holders and Display Stands

If you drop an acrylic sign holder, it may chip. Accidentally g a box on it might cause it to break. Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands will not chip or break. The first time you pack our vinyl display stands into a briefcase or box of promotional items, you will appreciate their lightweight, thin flexibility.

You’ll also love their durability at display time when you place them countertops next to the vi2ing customer. CustomSrs like to handle them and sometimes accidentally knock them on the floor: but there are no chips and no cracks! That’s when their durability is a big plus.

Worried About Transparency?

Some consumers like the transparent, optical clarity of acrylic because it shows off their promotional materials. However, once you slide your flyers into Hutchco’s countertop sign holders and display stands, you will note that their ultra-thin plastic face has the same optical transparency that you have come to appreciate in thicker acrylic countertop display stands.

Our Planet Will Appreciate Vinyl

Both acrylics and vinyls are types of plastics, but not all plastics are created equally. Recyclers will not accept waste made of acrylics. Vinyl plastics, on the other hand, receive a warm welcome in the recycling bin.

In addition, acrylics require a relatively high petroleum input, while vinyl plastics contain a high percentage of chlorine, made from inexpensive, easy-to-mine salt. You just earned two savings points for your planet!

What are you really paying for when you buy acrylic countertop display stands? You pay for an expensive production process that gives you a product no better than vinyl display stands. Hutchco countertop sign holders and display stands give you all the benefits of acrylic, plus flat, lightweight storage, no chipping and cracking, and low-cost shipping.

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15 Minutes of Fame: How Aurai Air Extracted Water Uses Brochure Holders

15 Minutes of Fame: How Aurai Air Extracted Water Uses Brochure Holders

Kathy Burfield, co-founder and director of sales for Aurai Air Extracted Water, uses our brochure holders in demos and restaurants, to make customers aware of the source of the water being used.

We interviewed Kathy recently to understand what Aurai does. Texas-based Aurai (pronounced "ah-rye-a"), literally turns air into drinking water - using a patented, eco-friendly process that extracts water via condensation from the air. Kathy's enthusiasm for environmental awareness flows from her as she speaks.

Texas Needs Sustainably Sourced Drinking Water

Initiatives like Aurai’s mean a lot in states in the southwestern U.S. Natural aridity, heavy industrial water use, agricultural water consumption, and a booming, water-thirsty human population threaten the state’s groundwater supply. The Houston-Galveston Region, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, suffers from heavy aquifer drawdown.

The Environmental Working Group recently identified “37 water utilities serving nearly 25,000 Texans in violation of federal standards for radium.” That’s a red flag for Texas’ drinking water supply, and it’s not the only one. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallaspoints out the severity of the problem, stating that “water scarcity has the potential to impede the state’s economic growth.”

The Aurai Initiative and Environmental Education

Initiatives like Aurai’s make an important contribution to environmental education. In addition, as global groundwater issues increase, knowing that someone has already worked out a sustainable solution might be critical when extreme scarcity hits specific communities.

Interestingly, despite the water scarcity, says Kathy, “A lot of people haven't even thought about the world water crisis, or they don't associate it with their own lives. When I talk to them they say, “Oh my gosh! You're right!”

She commented that Texans have really embraced the Aurai initiative, and she said that “Just bringing awareness to people has been amazing.”

Proud of Healthy, Tasty Aurai Water

Kathy proudly pointed out that Aurai is special in ways beyond environmental friendliness. The company makes a very pure, healthy, and tasty product:

A lot of larger water bottling companies add a lot of things back into the water. Aurai’s not like that. It's pure water: with a total dissolved solids, or TDS, content of nine parts per million (ppm). Whereas a lot of our other bottled water has TDS of 150 or even 250ppm. So there's a big difference in the amount of solids in the water. Our’s is basically pure water, with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of about nine parts.”

The Winged Spirits of Ancient Greece: a Green Initiative

The company name, “Aurai,” says Kathy, comes from Greek mythology. These winged spirits were the daughters of the Anemoi, the gods of the four directional winds.”

“Aurai is born of the breezes,” says the company web page. Good tasting, sustainably sourced, and socially responsible water does indeed seem to bring life back to the ancient spirits of the past.

Aurai Air Extracted Water Appeals to Health-Conscious Consumers

The product, says Ms. Burfield, appeals largely to health conscious and environmentally conscious consumers. “Our customers are concerned about healthy eating. Many bring their own bags to the grocery store, and many recycle, rather than just throwing cardboard and plastic into the trash.”

Sustainable water sources will be critical in the future as water consumption grows and aquifers drop. Taking care of our planet is important, and today, commented Aurai’s co-founder, “so many communities already have recycling plants, and everybody recycles. We’re seeing deposits on bottles again. So it's coming.”

Millenials like Aurai Too!

Kathy commented that she likes to show that Aurai’s product is sustainably sourced. She wants customers to understand that it's local. “We're not pulling out of the ground. And we're concerned about the environment and sustainability.”

Millennials, she pointed out, have an especially strong environmental consciousness. They comment that they feel good about purchasing Aurai because they’re not purchasing scarce groundwater.


Talking with Kathy about Aurai Air Extracted Water was truly exciting. Her enthusiasm for the product and environmental awareness flowed from her as she spoke. We met Kathy when she purchased sign holders from us, and uses them in demos and in restaurants. We would like to thank our Hutchco customer, Kathy Burfield, the co-founder and U.S. director of sales at Aurai, for sharing her company’s story with us.

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Money-saving tips for conference table-top displays

Money-saving tips for conference table-top displays

Conference and convention money-saving tips can help your business budget when you have a big event coming up. Having paid out for vendor fees, organization subscriptions, flights, dining, lodging, and other expenses, you don’t want to add an excessive supply budget to the bill.

By taking advantage of these conference money-saving tips, you can make sure that you have your supplies on hand while you concentrate on networking and branding your product or service.

5 Conference and Convention Money-Saving Tips

1. Ship Your Materials Ahead of Time

If you have ever flown to a conference and gotten hit with an unexpected baggage fee, you know that it can really cut into your margin. You can save time and money, while reducing hassles, by having your point-of-purchase (POP) display supplier, insert your promotional materials and flyers into countertop signs holders and displays for you, and ship them directly to your conference center.

When you reach the conference center or hotel, they’ll be waiting for you, ready to pull out of their packaging to display and show to conference attendees. You won’t waste time waiting for extra luggage at the airport terminal, or wonder if all of your checked luggage made it into the cargo on your last-minute flight change.

2. Use Inexpensive Displays for a Return on Investment

Affordable custom POP displays bring down the cost of supplying vendors with display materials. For example, with their reusable, low-cost easel-back, plastic sign holder frames can cost 50% less than acrylic displays. With the savings, you can afford to give them away to store owners and vendors who sell for you so they can display them in their own locations.

3. Invest in Reusable Durability for Longer-Term Use

In spite of the fact that they are less expensive than acrylic table top displays, durable Hutcho custom POP vinyl displays will not break or chip like the more costly acrylic materials. Made from shatterproof, reusable plastic, our easel-back sign holders and business card holders stand up to repeated use, eliminating the need to buy new materials each time you present at another conference.

With Hutchco reusable easel-back sign holder frames, you’ll never have to spend again on expensive custom, color-printed displays at the print shop. Instead, you can use your own color printer in your office to print up new promotional materials. You’ll avoid waiting for print shop orders or having to return improperly printed displays. And, you’ll avoid middleman costs by printing up your own promotional materials and sliding them into the reusable easel-back sign holder frames.

Because you’re printing your own materials, changes in your offering’s price or specs won’t have to be an expensive change, nor will you have to order new displays. If you require print-shop quality, you can still add your commercially printed material to our durable business card holders and easel-back sign holders by just switching out the obsolete promotional materials.

4. Save by Preserving Your Existing Print Materials

The removable clear plastic cover sleeves on our easel-back sign holders not only act as an attractive display for your printed materials, but they keep them in better shape. Unprotected stacks of brochures, flyers, and even business cards can become dingy and dog-eared when moving them from conference to conference.

With your print materials sandwiched within the clear plastic cover-sleeve of a Hutchco easel-back sign holder, or stashed away in a business card holder, potential customers visiting your table can get a clear view of each flyer without necessarily handling them.

Your print materials will last longer and reach more qualified customers, instead of ending up in the garbage can next to the conference hall exit.

5. Keep Alternative Print Materials and Displays on Hand

When you head to a conference, you never know exactly what sort of exhibit space conference organizers will assign you. Sometimes the picture-perfect examples online don’t quite match your assigned space layout. Make sure that you have some alternative POP displays on hand so that you can readily adapt to whatever space your conference organizer provides.

If you were expecting a gigantic table with little vertical display space, for example, your brochure holder combos might not fit well on the free-standing pegboard or cork board display assigned to your space. By carrying a supply of easel-back sign holders or cardboard brochure holders, you can adapt to different spaces without having to pay for expensive rush-order pre-printed display signs to fit unexpected conditions.


Early shipping, inexpensive displays, re-usable durability, preserving print materials, and alternative options with Hutchco POP displays can make your conference or convention experience less expensive and more manageable. Enjoy concentrating on your customer network while POP displays keep your materials safe, organized and in full view of your audience.

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Sign Frames With Easel, Plastic Cover Sleeve

HutchcoDisplays for Tradeshows


We've got you covered!  Discover why trade show exhibitors and event planners love these low-cost unbreakable Easel Back Sign Holdersan insert-style Counter Card. Your business flyers shine brighter in our poster frames between the low-glare plastic sleeve and easel back. Low-cost, lightweight, easy to use & easy to ship!  Click here to view more:    

Get your Print Advertisements ready for display. We offer 30 different sizes to make sure you can show off just about anything! Our tabletop sign holders will position your message directly in front of your customers, at eye level. Wouldn't you rather spend less money and advertise across more countertops? Our cardboard & vinyl easel frames are one-third the price of acrylic sign holders, and unlike acrylic, these are unbreakable and will not chip. 

No minimum orders EVER!   #HutchcoDisplays  

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Certificate Holders



Hutchison Company 11" x 8.5" easel back sign holders are perfect for: Sports award certificate holders, Student achievement certificates, Corporate employee appreciation awards, trade show events, photo frames, table-top print ad display frames, and retail POS counter cards. Affordable, unbreakable sign holders, are ready-to-go, ship-flat, and are a breeze to set up. The clear plastic cover-sleeve slides on and off to insert, and hold in place, your letter-size print. Stock up now before your next award ceremony or marketing event! QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and SAME DAY SHIPPING on stock items ordered before 2PM EST! Click here to order:

No minimum orders EVER!

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Affordable Sign Holders



Hutchison Company POP Displays are exactly what marketing departments are asking for: Table-top easel back sign holders with OUTSTANDING VISUALS and VALUE! Affordable, unbreakable, ship-flat counter card display stands (cardboard easel with clear protective cover) are STRONGER (70pt) than the competition (50pt). They do not break, chip or bend easily (great alternative to acrylic sign holders). Click here to buy

No minimum orders EVER! 

No laminating 
No taping or gluing 
No breaking or chipping

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Large Self-Stick Pamphlet Holder - 8.5" Wide



Here's a great idea for the extra large HUTCHCO Peel & Stick pockets from your big marketing event. Don't throw away – use them! What about the operating guide for your copy machine that no one can find when troubleshooting? One 8.5 inch Peel & Stick plastic pocket is perfect for holding the user's guide. These pockets are tough enough to hold brochure catalogues! Click here for information:

No minimum orders EVER!

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What's in Your Pocket Now?


THE OFFICE MICROWAVE with 4" x 4.25" Peel & Stick Pocket

What can you do with the extra Hutchison "Peel & Stick" pockets after your latest marketing campaign is over? Why not "stick 'um up" around the office, lunch room or even the utility room? Clever Idea #1: "Peel & Stick" a 4 inch x 4.25 inch pocket on the side of your microwave to hold favorite take-out menus! Clever Idea #2: "Peel & Stick" another 4 inch x 4.25 inch pocket on the side of a metal toolbox to hold a few "easy to misplace" small gadgets! Click here to buy

No minimum orders EVER!


THE MAN-CAVE TOOLBOX with 4" x 4.25" Peel & Stick Pocket

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